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Anti-Surge Control Systems

Target Engineering Conducted "Anti-Surge Control Systems " Training Course For Egyptian Projects Operation & Maintenance
Eprom (Midor Refinery Site).

This course had been developed to give a good idea about the types of the compressors that are used in oil & gas fields and it is mainly concerned with the centrifugal compressors.
The course will explain the surge phenomena, and the surge control techniques. Moreover the course will explain the different approaches for compressor capacity control.
In this course, we consider a case study for a simple anti-surge control system.
The course also cover the points that must be considered in selecting and sizing of the anti-surge valve.
The attendees will go through design phase of a simple control system.
The required procedures to carry out a compressor performance test at site, either during plant start-up or when the plant operating conditions are changed, will be explained.
The course will cover the used philosophy for controlling parallel and series compressors.
Finally, the interaction between the anti-surge and capacity control systems will be shown.