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Woodward Governor 5009 Training Course ( Jul 29 - Aug 2, 2018 )

Target Engineering Conducted "Woodward Governor 5009 " Training Course For Egyptian Projects Operation & Maintenance
Eprom (Midor Refinery Site).

•5009 Fault tolerant control system is designed to control single valve, split range valve, single extraction, single admission, or single extraction/ admission steam turbines.
•5009 can be considered as 3 of 505, but with more features.
•The system has 99.998% availability (MTBF-27 Years).
•It is field programmable system which allows a single design to be used in different applications and reduce the cost and delivery.
•5009  uses windows-based computer program interface (PCI) software to allow the user to configure the control and perform the on-line changes and tests.