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•This training course is prepared to give the attendees information on programming, operation and troubleshooting of the Peak 200 control.
•The course gives an overview for turbine start modes (manual and automatic). In addition the trainee will know the different control modes that Peak 200 has (manual, remote, Modbus, and combination control modes).
•The course will show the details of Peak 200 hardware.
•The course will give a good idea about the different functions of the peak 200 control and it shows the functional block diagrams of the controller.
•One of the topics that is covered in this training shows the details of the PBs on the front panel and the function of each.
•The course will give a good idea about the programming and service modes of Peak 200, where we shall discuss the different menus of each mode.
•Finally, some of troubleshooting techniques will be given to help all attendees in doing the required diagnostics to solve any faced problems.