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ProTech‐GII Overspeed Protection Device
The ProTech-GII is designed to safely shut down steam, gas, and hydro turbines upon sensing a turbine overspeed or over-acceleration event The device’s 12 millisecond response time and 0.5 to 32 000 rpm speed range make it ideal for application on all types and sizes of turbines

The ProTech-GII is an overspeed safety device designed to safely shut down steam, gas, and hydro turbines of all sizes upon sensing an overspeed or overacceleration event.

This device accurately monitors turbine rotor speed and acceleration via active or passive MPUs (magnetic pickups) and issues a shutdown command to the turbine’s trip valve(s) or corresponding trip system.

Depending on the system design, the ProTech-GII can be purchased with two dualredundant trip relay outputs using a 2-out-of-3 voted architecture, or with three independent non-voted trip relay outputs.

Individual alarm relays, 4–20 mA speed readouts, and Modbus® * communications make this overspeed device easy to integrate into any turbine safety system.

*—Modbus is a trademark of Schneider Automation Inc.

The ProTech-GII is available in flush-mount models designed to be installed within a standard 24” (610 mm) cabinet front door, or models designed to be bulkhead mounted on a wall or skid near the turbine set.

Designed for harsh environments when installed within an enclosure, this device has an ingress protection rating of IP56 (protected against dust and completely protected against jets of water of similar force to heavy seas).

Designed for high reliability, each ProTech-GII module (A, B, C), depending on the purchased model, accepts two high-voltage power inputs (90–240 Vac / 100–150 Vdc) or one high-voltage power input (90–240 Vac / 100–150 Vdc) and one lowvoltage power input (18–32 Vdc).

This design works on a high-signal-select basis, allowing the unit to fully operate with either or both power sources available.