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ProTech TPS Total Protection System
The ProTechTPS safety system is designed to be applied as a safety system for any size steam, gas, or hydro turbine, or plant process equipment. This safety PLC’s fast (12 millisecond) response time, 0.5 to 32 000 rpm speed range, and integrated overspeed and acceleration detection/protection functionality, make it ideal for application on critical highspeed rotating motors, compressor, turbines or engines.

The ProTechTPS is a safety PLC (programmable logic controller) with integrated overspeed protection designed to safely shut down any plant process equipment, engine, or steam, gas, or hydro turbine upon sensing a safety event.

 This stand-alone safety device accepts 10 discrete or analog inputs per module (30 total) and one speed (MPU or PROX) input (3 total), uses custom-programmed logic to determine when a true safety event has occurred, then issues a shutdown command to safely shut down the equipment or turbine.

 The ProTechTPS utilizes a triple modular redundant architecture and 2-out-of-3 voting logic to accurately determine unsafe conditions and ensure that no single-point failure will affect system reliability or availability.

 With this design, system failures (switches, transducers, modules) are detected, annunciated, and allowed to be repaired or replaced while the monitored system continues to operate on-line.

 Designed to safely protect high speed rotating equipment in system-critical applications, this safety PLC’s total response time is less than 12 milliseconds for its independent voted output models and 20 milliseconds for its 2-out-of-3 voted models.

 Depending on the system design, the ProTechTPS can be purchased with two dual-redundant trip relay outputs using a 2-out-of-3 voted architecture, or with three independent non-voted trip relay outputs (typically used to interface with a 2-out-of-3 based trip block assembly).

 Programmable inputs and outputs, 4–20 mA speed readouts, and Modbus® *communications make this safety PLC easy to integrate into any plant safety system or function as a standalone safety system.