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Catalytic "Combustible" Gas (CGS) Detector
Shown with the FlexVu UD10 Universal Display/Controller, the catalytic combustible gas sensor (CGS) is a globally-approved, stainless steel sensor that is poison-resistant. It provides unmatched detection of almost all combustible gases in harsh industrial environments, and is compatible with the entire line of Det-Tronics combustible gas transmitters and controllers. The CGS must be used with a compatible transmitter to provide proper operation.

The Det-Tronics family of catalytic combustible gas sensors provide unmatched flammable gas detection performance in harsh environments and challenging conditions.

The heart of the catalytic sensor consists of a pair of computer matched pellistors (beads) that provide identical electrical resistance in clean air.

When flammable gas is present, the active bead catalyzes the combustible gas molecules, while the inactive (reference) bead balances the reaction and compensates for normal changes in the ambient environment.

The sophisticated design and construction of Det-Tronics catalytic sensors provides excellent sensitivity, response time, and resistance to physical shock and vibration.

All Det-Tronics catalytic gas sensors are poison-resistant, and are constructed with a one-piece 316 stainless steel housing.

Other features include an integral thermal barrier to prevent bead interaction, and a sinter bonding technique to ensure superior protection against electromagnetic interference.

All sensors are provided with a laser etched identification and approvals label that will withstand exposure to harsh outdoor industrial environments.