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GTC100 and GTC200
Gas Turbine Controllers The GTC100/200 controllers are a field configurable units that can be applied to most industrial gas turbine applications.

The GTC100 and GTC200 industrial controllers offer robust, low-cost control for a wide variety
of dual-fuel gas turbine applications. The GTC100 controls single-shaft turbines, and the
GTC200 controls two-shaft machines. Industrial microprocessor technology is coupled with a
proven real time operating system to provide reliable and deterministic performance that is
required for recursion-rate-sensitive applications. Dedicated inputs and outputs (I/O) are
available onboard for key control signals, while expansion I/O is used for other less sensitive
The modular hardware lends itself to bulkhead mounting. Environmental specifications allow
the GTC100/200 controllers to move out of the control room and closer to the prime mover. In
many cases it can be mounted directly on the skid. Typically, the GTC100/200 controllers are
located in an enclosure that is rated for the site-specific environment requirements.
Internally, the control is structured with appropriate computational, I/O, and power supply
modules that are stacked to eliminate the need for a motherboard. Hardware cost is
significantly reduced. Wiring terminations are provided on the top and bottom edges of the
modules by means of quick disconnect plug and socket connectors that are rated for industrial
service. Control power is supplied from an external 24 Vdc source.
The GTC100/200 controllers contain required I/O and core fuel control software to control a
one- or two-shaft, dual-fuel industrial gas turbine. The I/O and software are configurable to
accommodate the specific needs of most applications. In addition to the primary fuel control
algorithms, package sequencing and protective monitoring are easily accomplished using
spare onboard I/O or external distributed I/O.